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A single spark can start a prairie fire...



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posted on 01.12.2015

Mother Of Millions will perform on Metal Guesthouse vol V festival.
Friday, December 11 @ An Club, Athens
Need, Mother Of Millions, Hypnotic Nausea, Lunar Cycle
Event starts at 20.30 - Entrance 6 €

posted on 24.08.2015

Mother Of Millions and Sixfornine will be the opening acts on the upcoming Leprous live at
AN Club, Athens on September 21, 2015

posted on 22.07.2015

Mother Of Millions will be the headliners of the Mono Metal Open Air Festival 2015
Saturday 08.08.2015 | Aigio City

posted on 18.07.2015

Mother Of Millions performing Orientation at the Artworks Studios live sessions of TV WAR

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